The Estonian-owned public relations agency PR Partner was founded in 2005. Within our trademark PR Partner, we provide our clients all public relations services from strategic PR counseling to press relations and communications work shops.

Our values

Information is one of the biggest instruments of power in today's world. Using information wisely enables one to control the situation and provide solutions to matters of crucial importance.

Managing PR is managing information and it is a part of strategic leadership. We believe PR to be not only a tool of fixing what has gone awry in other fields of leadership, but a means of achieving success, solidifying it and forestalling problems.

Professionalism, loyalty and commitment are the values we abide by in our work. We are experienced in handling, using and protecting sensitive information.

We have been asked about the responsibility a PR agent takes in solving a critical situation. In practice, we take as much responsibility as has been entrusted to us.

For us, PR Partner is a symbol of rich experience and collaboration in the field of communications which has been put to the test over time.

We consider thinking ahead more than a couple of moves to be crucial.

We are responsible, creative, self-critical and above all joyful in our work. We are good at what we do and we keenly look forward to the results of our work.

Ilona Leib
Maia Burlaka
Ester Riispapp
Jaanika Palm
Maarja Raevald
Raigo Jahu