PR is a means of changing the world

If You are looking for a reliable, experienced and committed ally, PR Partner OÜ is a strategy-oriented communications agency that will make sure your goals will become more than dreams.

  1. Strategic PR counseling

    • PR strategies
    • organization communications
    • mapping target groups and creating communication networks
    • shaping messages, media workshops
    • PR counseling for decision-makers
    • personal communications advice for leaders etc...

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  2. Crisis and risk communication

    • assessing necessity of crisis or risk communication
    • drafting crisis communication strategies
    • plans and audits
    • crisis communication simulations and work shops
    • managing crisis communication etc...

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  3. Political communication

    • socio-political PR
    • monitoring policies and legislations
    • governmental and municipal communication
    • creating contacts with interest groups
    • lobbying
    • strategic PR counseling
    • crisis communication etc...

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  4. Marketing communication

    • shaping messages in order to help the consumer select products and services and build consumers' loyalty to brands
    • building brand reputation and extra values to the brand etc...

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