PR is a means of making oneself understood and achieving one’s goals. We predominantly offer our clients strategic PR support. Our clients look forward to not only glorious moments in the media but chase their goals with consistency in taking full advantage of all contingency of PR. The key to our clients’ success is their trust-based, long term relationships with all groups relevant to them.

  • PR strategies
  • organization communications
  • mapping target groups and creating communication networks
  • shaping messages
  • media workshops
  • PR counseling for decision-makers
  • personal communications advice for leaders
  • communications researches
  • campaigns
  • event planning
  • 24 hours preparedness to advise regular customers
  • drafting strategies of internal communication and implementing them

There are neither good news nor bad news, just different ways of handling and transmitting messages.

  • shaping messages
  • selecting and and advising spokespersons
  • selecting media channels
  • assessing PR value in messages
  • conveying messages to the press
  • pro-active an re-active press relations
  • organizing press conferences
  • facilitating press relations in crisis
  • media workshops

What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle.

  • media trainings
  • media trainings with camera
  • writing media texts (press releases, opinion pieces, written comments)
  • preparations for the media communication (formulating and selecting key messages, tips for efficacious performing)
  • trainings for public performing (incl. preparations for public performing), also with camera trainings
  • public speaking trainings
  • strategic communication trainings
  • trainings for communication planning
  • change management trainings
  • internal communication trainings
  • social media trainings
  • crisis communication trainings (incl. preparing the scenarios, also possible at simulation centre)
  • crisis simulations (incl. media simulations)

Social media is not unlike any other channel. In social media, one needs to have a clear idea of what needs to be said and to whom.

  • selecting social media channels
  • adapting messages according to the channel
  • creating a constant newsfeed
  • writing post and consumer campaigns
  • mapping target audiences

Anyone can buy advertising space but the art of PR lies in getting people talking about a product and the media covering it as newsworthy.

  • shaping messages in order to help the consumer select products and services and build consumers’ loyalty to brands
  • building brand reputation and extra values to the brand
  • drafting and implementing an integrated marketing plan
  • positioning and repositioning
  • marketing strategies
  • social marketing strategies
  • selecting messages and channels of marketing communication
  • synchronizing PR and marketing
  • launching and relaunching products
  • making endorsement arrangements

Politics is essentially communication and only through wise communications can one implement their political convictions.

  • socio-political PR
  • monitoring policies and legislations
  • governmental and municipal communication
  • creating contacts with interest groups
  • lobbying
  • strategic PR counseling
  • crisis communication
  • planning and carrying out elections campaigns and pre-elections communication and advertisement campaigns for parties or for individuals
  • event planning
  • permanent PR support
  • 24h preparedness for advising regular clients
  • media workshops and public speaking training
  • composing press texts and advising press relations

Every crisis is an opportunity. In crisis, heroes are born. We cannot predict when a crisis will occur but we can prepare for them.

  • composing communication risk analysis
  • composing organisational crisis communication handbooks
  • composing organisational crisis handbooks
  • assessing necessity of crisis or risk communication
  • drafting crisis communication strategies
  • plans and audits
  • crisis communication simulations and work shops
  • managing crisis communication
  • press relations in crisis
  • 24h preparedness for advising regular clients

In the beginning was the word...

  • writing press releases
  • comments
  • op-eds
  • speeches
  • presentations
  • posts in social media
  • editing texts
  • texts for yearbooks and books


  • communication audits of organizations
  • analyzing the organization's image in the media
  • focus group researches
  • preparing and interpreting public opinion surveys