about us

PR Partner is an Estonian-owned company that offers all public relations services from strategic communications to media relations and trainings. 

our values

He uses the information he has wisely will be able to control the situations around himself. PR Partner is a strategic communications agency that was establised by Ilona Leib and Kirsti Ruul in 2005 in order to support businesses and organizations in achieving their goals. From that day onwards. PR Partner has helped businesses and organizations to grow and set clear visions as well as messages for the future.

PR Partner offers all public relations services and is one of the leading Estonian agencies in crisis communications.

The versatility of our team ensures fruitful and forward thinking debates where all angles and arguments are carefully considered in providing solutions to complex issues. Our team’s mentality is to have one another’s back at all times and it gives the strength to even mountains when necessary.

PR Partner is a member of the international network Public Relations Boutiques International from 2019.