Jaanika Palm

jaanika palm

Senior Consultant

+372 5563 5529


Jaanika joined the PR Partner team in autumn 2016 after defending her Master’s thesis in communications at Tallinn University. Jaanika manages media and communication projects at PR Partner and coordinates media work with various clients and media channels.


Jaanika has a wide range of public-sector experience in communications management. She has developed communications plans, written press releases and articles, compiled newsletters and presentation materials, organised press events, and managed social media channels.

As the main organiser of Teeviit, Estonia’s largest youth event, Jaanika also gained knowledge about event marketing. As a chief specialist in prevention activities at the Rescue Board, Jaanika gave talks to a number of different target groups on both fire and water safety, in the process developing a good media presence and temperament.

Before entering the communications area, Jaanika worked for a long time in youth work both in Estonia and abroad, and this remains an area close to her heart. As a volunteer, she occupies the position of member of the board of the special youth organisation Noor, and takes part in the planning and realisation of projects. In addition, she has contributed to the success of the ERKI Fashion Show while volunteering by using her specialist knowledge of communications.


Jaanika has studied both theology and communications. She defended her Master’s degree in communication in 2016 at Tallinn University, specialising in organisational communications and public relations. In her thesis, Jaanika investigated the readiness of crisis communications in schools.

other interests

Jaanika is interested in psychology and its application in communications. She also follows politics with great interest. She relaxes best by reading historical biographies and long walks with her dachshund Bono.