Jaanika Palm

jaanika palm

Senior Consultant

+372 5563 5529


Jaanika’s creativeness is well balanced with her punctuality which allows her to take on big projects and finish everything with grace and in time. The secret that helps her achieve ambitious goals in the turbulent communication field are thoroughly considered strategies and plans. She has gained versatile knowledge from studying religion, doing youthwork and working in the fashion industry. Her expertise helps her steadily work towards making our world a little bit better every day.


In PR Partner Jaanika leads multiple media- and PR-projects and coordinates media relations for many clients. She carries the responsibilities of an editor in chief for multiple magazines simultaneously while also leading socially meaningful strategic communication project. She also helps many art and culture projects with their PR. She creates communication plans and brings them to life with press events, articles and press releases, as well as newsletters, social media and presentations.

Jaanika has been the key person in preparing crisis communication trainings. She thrives in preparing crisis simulations because she has both talent in storytelling as well as attention to detail that make the scripts believable. Jaanika helps to reduce the risks of crises by analyzing the risks of organizations and creating crisis communication plans and messages for when the seemingly theoretical risks become a reality.

Jaanika has worked as a leading specialist of water- and fire safety in the Estonian Rescue Board. Preceding her work in PR, Jaanika did youthwork in Estonia and abroad and was the project manager of Teeviit, the biggest youth event in Estonia.


Jaanika has studied both theology and communications. She defended her Master’s degree in communication in 2016 at Tallinn University, specializing in organizational communications and public relations. In her thesis, Jaanika investigated the readiness of crisis communications in schools.

other interests

Jaanika is interested in psychology and its application in communications. She also follows politics with great interest. She relaxes best by reading historical biographies and long walks with her dachshund Bono.