Karoli Noor

KAroli Noor

Senior Consultant

+372 59057425


The fast paced social media world is where Karoli feels the most comfortable in. She can help with both strategic and practical aspects of social media. Her passion is improving the world with communication. She has created and brought to life communication strategies that focus on both values and goals of the client.


Karoli has created communication and social media strategies and worked on cross-media campaigns. She daily consults many organizations on their internal and public communication. She has helped the scientists of Tartu University and lead a non-profit organization that helps to make Tartu the most developing environment for students. This has given her extensive experience in project management, teamwork and events management.


Karoli has a Bachelor’s degree in economics, majoring in marketing and management from University of Tartu. Interest in the psychological impact of marketing and communication lead her to study communications management on Master’s level, which she graduated in 2019.

Other Interests

Karoli prefers to spend her free time on self-development mainly in the field of psychology. She also enjoys travelling and spending time in the wonderful Estonian nature.