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Our story

In today’s world, information is a key instrument of power and influence, and those who know how to use it can shape how others perceive them. PR Partner is an independent full-service strategic communication agency that has supported companies and organisations in solving critical questions since 2005. We provide a fresh perspective and help clients from the public as well as the private sector to create meaningful messages.

PR Partner offers a full range of public relations services, and we are one of the leading crisis communication agencies in Estonia. PR Partner stands for established long-term partnerships, proven methods and rich experience. We solve complex issues and create comprehensive communication systems, a chief example of which is our work in creating the national crisis communication system.

PR Partner is a diverse team of experts who offer carefully considered tailor-made solutions. We are responsible, creative and self-critical. We take pride in getting results, but we leave the glory to our clients.

PR Partner has been a member of the international network Public Relations Boutiques International since 2019.