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Seminars and camera trainings

Our experienced lecturers, Ilona Leib, Ester Riispapp and others, help make communication topics easily comprehensible for every listener. Communications are the catalyst for reaching goals. Thus, people in every field need this knowledge. PR Partner’s lecturers can facilitate the exchange of ideas in every communication field, from strategic communication to individual press training.

When it is fully thought-out and thoroughly discussed, communication supports your company in reaching its goals. Therefore, it is essential to organise joint communication seminars for your company’s key people. It is important to discuss the focus of the seminar beforehand. When every team member understands the goals and is on the same page on how to reach them, you can achieve more and do it faster. PR Partner’s seminars are tailor-made, taking into consideration the participants’ previous experience and the goals that have been set. Our Seminars and Camera Trainings service uses lectures, seminars, group work, camera training, table study and simulations to cover:

  • Strategic communication training
  • Press seminars
  • Press and camera training
  • Presentation training
  • Crisis communication seminars
  • Writing press texts, including press releases, opinion stories and comments
  • Advising on public presentations
  • Crisis studies and simulations, including preparing and navigating scenarios in a simulation environment.

As an advanced training establishment, PR Partner provides a certificate to those who have completed the training according to the curriculum. Ask for more information about the basics of our educational arrangements and how the quality of activities of the continuing education institution is ensured.