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Anna-Liisa Sootalu

Communication project manager

+372 5818 1225

Anna-Liisa successfully combines marketing, knowledge of people and dedication in her work as a communication project manager. She knows that persistence will get you there and that a well-managed project where everyone knows their part and does a little more than what’s expected of them will certainly get you there.

Anna-Liisa’s previous work experience brings to her communication portfolio the skills of a cinema technician, group trainer, marketing assistant and auditor.

Anna-Liisa is studying for her Master’s degree in journalism and communication at the University of Tartu. She graduated from Tallinn University in 2021 with a Bachelor’s degree in English language and culture, minoring in human studies. In addition, she is a certified junior project manager.

Anna-Liisa is interested in psychology and continues to improve her knowledge of mental health through both reading and practice. She is fascinated by crime films, serials and true-crime documentaries that allow her to investigate crimes and solutions along with the detectives. Anna-Liisa highly appreciates tattoo art and is carefully building her personal collection. Whenever possible, she travels to new destinations and writes fiction.