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Ilona Leib

Manager, strategic consultant

+372 516 5654

Ilona is a strategist who is excited to give new life to companies and organisations, create strategies and set clear goals in communication activities and by solving crises. Her popular trainings and exercises help organise ideas, foster real collaboration within the organisation, and really manage communication. Ilona’s training areas range from strategic communication, press relations and change communication to media training. Her crisis communication training helps clients understand its role in public relations, for critical service providers, state and local government leaders, as well as for company management.


As a strategic partner for many top leaders and chiefs of communication, Ilona advises companies and organisations on setting goals. Her innate drive for accomplishment helps turn strategies into blueprints and bring plans to fruition. Ilona has been a key advisor in solving crises and change management among businesses and organisations.

Ilona’s extensive experience across many scenarios has taught her how to distinguish between the right and wrong decision in any situation. She worked as the Head of the Public Affairs Section at the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs from 1999 to 2004. She was one of the creators of the Estonian national crisis communication system and an author of the crisis communication handbook published by the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2003. She was the head of the national crisis management team’s media group in a number of key cases. From 2007 until 2017, Ilona was a lecturer at Tartu University, where she taught crisis communication.


Ilona received her Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Tartu, where she also completed a Master’s in public relations and information.


Ilona is a member of the Art Museum of Estonia Friends of Art Society and the Estonian Society of Academic Journalism.