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Marin Soomets

Communication project manager

+372 5656 8521

A philologist with a keen sense for language and skilful phrasing, Marin’s wide range of activities has made her an expert in many fields, from banking to healthcare.


Marin implements communication plans and provides her clients daily communication support. She has the ability to tell heart-warming stories through the written word, and her favourite topics are health, gardening, clean food and exercise. Marin puts together a health magazine and enjoys writing and editing texts, whether it is a newspaper or magazine article, an opinion piece or an interview. When it comes to texts, she believes clarity of thought, simplicity and consideration of the target group are crucial.

Marin also supports clients with media communication and managing social media channels and websites. In addition, she is responsible for ensuring well-functioning partnerships.

Before joining the PR Partner team, Marin worked for a long time at Swedbank in various positions, from the consulting centre to partner relations. In her time at the bank, she supervised the production and completion of newsletters and new solutions in the app and on the web.

Marin graduated from Tallinn University with a Bachelor’s degree in Estonian philology in 2011, with a minor in language editing. In 2014, she obtained a Master’s degree in education. .

Marin is helpful and cares for her colleagues. She will contribute her time to anything that requires organisation, both in the office and in the community. Marin is an excellent thought partner and a leader when it comes to making wishes come true.
She appreciates clean food and enjoys the beauty of flowers while keeping herself busy in the garden. When travelling, Marin opts for warmer locations, although she enjoys all four seasons and can see beauty and colours even in the dull months of autumn.