Raigo Jahu

Raigo Jahu

Strategic Consultant

+372 527 6121


Raigo is excellent at combining strategic communication, management, politics and media for reaching the goals of his clients. He’s a goal-oriented go-getter, whose knowledge, experience and connections help to find the right path even in the most unexpected circumstances. His experiences in working with the Parliament of Estonia and municipal councils have granted him profound knowledge in both legal and practical aspects of political processes. Proceeding his Master’s degree in strategic communication, Raigo got a Bachelor’s degree in economics that perfectly balances his creative side with rationality. Raigo is a well-read partner who enjoys taking on big challenges and can always find a way to make necessary change happen.


Raigo has lead the communication of important legal processes and daily supports different organizations in their strategic goals. His projections on the progression of societal and political processes are anticipated and many plans are made according to them. Before joining PR Partner in 2017 Raigo worked at the Social Democratic Party of Estonia as an election coordinator, advisor, communication specialist and head of internal communication. Raigo has also worked as an advisor for the city council of Tartu and as an accountant for a NGO. Raigo feels that the biggest challenge in communication is telling stories in a way that the audience genuinely feel engaged in them.


Raigo has a Master’s degree in communication from the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM) of University of Tallinn, specializing in strategic corporate communication. Raigo has a Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Tartu, specializing in finance and accounting.

other interests

Raigo is interested in history and enjoys reading about the everyday life and people of different eras. Raigo has been active in the development of different youth organizations. Raigo is an alumni of the Estonian National Youth Council and is a honorary member of Tartu Youth Council.